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About Us

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If you've been struggling with a vision disorder or any other type of eye health issue, it's important to get treatment right away from a high-quality optometrist or optometry team. At Miller Optometry, our skilled eyecare professionals are here to help residents of Yucaipa, CA, see better and improve their quality of life. We're trained to help provide a wide range of eye care services, including eye exams, contact lens exams, family eye care, and other optical services and optometry services. For your optical needs, Miller Optometry is here to service you!

When to Visit Our Optometrist

We are here to help those living with pre-existing vision disorders, people that want routine eye care, or even if you're unsure of whether you need eye care. We recommend you visit us at least once every two years if you don't have a pre-existing eye disease or vision disorder. For people with vision disorders, annual exams are necessary to help monitor the progress of your disorder and provide high-quality care and treatment.

You should also visit us if you or your child are experiencing new symptoms such as:

  • Blurry vision

  • Double vision

  • Dry eyes (chronic)

  • Increased glare

  • Trouble seeing at night

  • Trouble focusing your eyes

  • Headaches

  • Eye pain

  • Eye strain 

How We Help and Provide Eye Care

We can help diagnose eye conditions if you're suffering from any of the above listed conditions. With help from our dedicated eye care team, you can get eye care to improve your eye health. 

By taking a look at your eyes during our eye exams, our optometrist team can know if you have an eye disease, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or keratoconus, or if you have a refractive error that can be easily corrected with prescription eyeglasses or lenses.

At Miller Optometry, we also help provide contact lens exams and give you options, so we can help you look your best and feel your best too. We are here to provide you with the eye care services you need such as eye exams, family eye care, and more. An eye doctor on our optometry team is here to help.

Visit Us for Eye Exams and Family Eye Care from an Optometrist on Our Optical Team

Come visit us for an eye doctor in Yucaipa, CA, to get family eye care and more. Call us at 909-341-1800 for Miller Optometry to schedule your next eye exam with an optometrist on our optical team.

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