Eye Care for the Entire Family

Miller Optometry provides state-of-the-art vision technology and expertise.  We give your eyes the superior care they deserve.  We bring you the most comprehensive vision services to take care of you and your family.  

Personal and Professional Advice

What is best for your eyes and your eye health? What treatment is indicated for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes, laser vision correction, contact lenses or spectacle correction? What frame is best for you? What glasses are the right choice for your type of eyes? Our team of optometrists and our eye care professionals will be glad to provide you with extensive and competent advice to address all your questions and concerns. 

Licensed Therapeutic Optometrists

Did you know that dry eyes are the most commonly expressed eye problem?  If you are experiencing burning, itchng, watering, or even redness, you may be suffering from dry eyes, allergies, or other ocular conditions. Both doctors can prescribe treatment for dry eyes as well as other diseases of the eye.  

Co-Management of Specialized Procedures

Miller Optometry has been co-managing cataract surgery since 1988 and laser refractive surgery since 1994.  Both doctors are able to treat and co-manage glaucoma patients as well. 

Contact Lenses

Convenience and comfort are found in disposable contact lenses today and they can correct most prescriptions including astigmatism and bifocals. Firm gas permeable lenses are still indicated in many cases and even scleral lenses can be prescribed for specialty cases.

Trained Opticians

Which frames look best on you?  Which glasses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits?  Each patient has indiviual requirements in terms of vision corrections.  With the opticians at Miller Optometry, you can count on getting competent, personal, and detailed advice.  

Aditional Services

  • Free glasses check and lens cleaning 

  • Fast handling of minor repairs and adjustments

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